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Breakup Spells

Win Your Lover Back With Free Breakup Spells

Losing a person whom you love can be very heartbreaking and sometimes one has to look for help from a higher level. This is why has come up with free breakup spells to help you win your lover back and regain your happily ever after.

How it works 

The get ex back spells works in a way that allows a lover to win their ex back under certain conditions. The spell doesn’t work for everyone and will only work under specific conditions. Some of the conditions where it will work include; if the two of you had dated for a while before having sex for the first time; if the two of you were married and had lived together; if the man had sworn to love you forever; if you were the man’s first sexual partner as well as if you stayed with friends after the breakup.

When the spell might not work 

The spell is not meant to win back all kinds of lovers back. There are conditions when it might or might not work. These conditions include; if the man does not want any communication with you via all platforms whether emails, texts, calls et cetera; if the man has already moved on and is in love with another woman and she loves him back; if the man has children or is married; also, a spell put on a man who broke up with you despite you having put a spell him won’t work. However, has a spells specialist who can help you win your ex back even with the above conditions with the free breakup spells.

How the spell casting is done

The spell preparation requires a person to abstain from sex for two weeks before the spell casting. The spell should be cast when one is at the peak of their sex drive. For women with low sex drive, abstaining for one or two months is recommended.
Next, one needs to arrange to meet their ex without their knowledge. The spell is cast during the waxing moon and no other time. Arrange for the meeting to occur between the third and ninth day after your menstruation.
Invite your ex over to your place. Don’t do any cleaning. Be as natural as possible with no romantic accessories. After a while, seduce him so that he wants to have sex with you. When having sex try to attain orgasm simultaneously or if not, orgasm before he does.
After the sex or after he leaves, hide something of his without his knowledge. Most preferably hide his underwear. Nail it underneath the furniture on which you had sex and do not allow it to touch the floor.

When will the spell starts working

Immediately after the last part of the spell(nailing his personal item beneath the furniture where you had sex). The man thinks and feels drawn only to you and no other woman.

Last step

After the spell has worked its wonders, remove and hide the nailed item in a safe place where no one can find it.


Witchcraft and love spells from are designed to assist you to get back with your ex. The spells are very effective especially if your ex still has feelings for you. Start using this free breakup spell today and avoid spending another night without your beloved.

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